Football memorabilia chain

Raising awareness!

Can we set a Guiness World record?

We  set ourselves the challenge of creating the longest chain of football related memorabilia during the 2014/15 football season. Little did we know we would still be being sent items in 2018! We didn't realise the response this would get. Unfortunately Guinness wouldn't accept mixed items but after seeing what we have accumulated so far they set a new record for us to try and achieve....

The longest multiple fan scarf.

To date we have over 1500 scarves and are currently in the process of sewing them all together so we can submit it to Guinness World Records.

So far we have collected over two miles of shirts, scarves and flags!

Once we have submitted it and hopefully broken the world record we will be selling of all the scarves. We can't thank the people who have donated enough. We have already been able to give Mecp2 Duplication UK over £5000 from the sale of football shirts and ground collections.

All money raised will go directly to Mecp2 Duplication UK a charity very close to our hearts to help families just like us, so thank you!

If you have any items you would like to donate you can message us via facebook or e-mail us at:

The Alfie Lund Fund  raises money for specialist equipment for Alfie to help meet his therapy needs and give him a more comfortable life. We work hard to raise awareness of MECP2 Duplication syndrome and have given back to local community courses through our fundraising and donated  to MECP2 Duplication UK to help other families like us.

Working together to raise awareness  of MECP2 Duplication  UK.